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I was born and raised in Scotland.

In my youth, I read so many tales; some good, some not so much. I picked up pencil and paper, and wrote. I didn’t  know if it would be a novel, short story, or if I would complete the work. These thoughts never crossed my mind. So, I didn’t intend to become a writer.

I even started researching my work. The words turned out to be my first short story, Minion. After the umpteenth draft, I read it and thought, it’s a lot better than some published work I’ve read.

I bought books on how to write and get published. It turns out that I seemed to tick all the boxes for the way not to start writing. How good was my story though? I’d have to see if I could get published. I sent the story off to many a publisher, but they wanted 5 or 6 more to make a collection. I wanted it in print, now. Some of the publishers I found out later were vanity. I wanted my story in an anthology, (better than the 60’s or 70’s I read) and without paying. I sent it to America (I can’t hear the laughter from Scotland). My story was “bought” and published in Blackest Death Vol II.

A lot of what I read now is reference material. I especially enjoy researching Scottish history, always have. I have gained more experience and still try to get my head around the techniques of writing.

Please email me, I’d appreciate your views on any aspect of my work.