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A warm welcome to you. I hope you stay, and there is something of interest. It doesn’t matter if you’re published, unpublished, or more important than a lowly writer; a reader.


As an author, I have many interests, which include writing, history, and the unexplained. I’m always amazed how savage and scared people were in the past, but it provides meat for my work. Some say we regress to these old beliefs at times of strife or  incomprehensible to our minds, but I love to delve into historical research.


I don’t wish to offend or hurt anyone with the words. I write, only to entertain, with a little escapism from reality; not to offend. Without readers, there would be no perpetuation of the written word, so let’s infect the planet with fictional escapism.


Please contact me and have a chat. I don’t bite, honest.


Best regards,

                                                                                 Andy Love